notable performances

DATE 09.24.05

Circus Guy plays at the Solar Powered Arts Festival at Stuyvesant Cove Park in New York City

DATE 12.03.04


Circus Guy plays at the Al Sawy Cultural Center in  Cairo, Egypt


DATE 10.03.02


Hatfield Rain CD release party - Hard Rock Cafe', San Diego.


DATE 3.30.84


Tami and the Monthlies - Invade Me record release - The Spirit Club, San Diego.

  DATE 11.15.76  

Caught In The Act - Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin Texas




Music allows communication across cultural and language barriers.

Music brings joy and opens people's hearts to new possibilities.

Combining music and sustainable technology is a journey to peace.

Now, a few of us have begun that journey.

2004 Musical Goodwill Ambassador Tour with Circus Guy in Egypt - moving peace forward through sustainable communities.



See me! Feel me! Touch me! Hear me!!! with my musical friends:

Circus Guy

The Circus Guy is the medium through which we are bringing the musical message of sustainable technologies to the peoples of the Mid-East. I'll be sitting in on violin, lap steel, and solar concentrator.

Hatfield Rain

A band and a project of music and love (see us fiddle on the roof)

Dawn, Kyle, Robert, Bob and Mark are all great musicians and a pleasure to create with. We made some great music, but time marches on.

Dawn Jackson

I'm only on one of the tracks of Dawn's new album playing my ancient Yamaha nylon string, but her new stuff is great! Check it out.

Amber Star

Amber is a wonderful singer/songwriter who has been playing country and gospel music. We worked together here in San Diego for a couple of years in the early 90's. She moved to Nashville where she has been exploring her musical roots

Tami and the Monthlies

Tami! Where are you! This is a group that could have made history if not for the offbeat name and a few near misses. Check out this music which was a way ahead of its time.

W.C. Spencer

Chris is THE Blues Cat. An amazing artist that plays guitar, bass, drums, and harp and sings, all at the same time. This amazing singer / songwriter let me play pedal steel and violin with him when he was in San Diego in the 1980's. Check out his recent music.

Forgotten Space

Yes, it's a Deadhead cover band . We had fun! ABOBE (Another Band Overtaken By Events).